The Event Platform is now open to upload documents. Please find your login email sent from to get started.

Online Posters will be available to view anytime throughout the conference in the Poster Gallery. Attendees will be able to select your poster and view your uploaded materials. We suggest you upload multiple medias to immerse your viewers – this could be a video, PDF presentation, links, handouts, flyers/brochures, etc. Posters will include a designated Discussion Board for your audience to leave you questions – we ask that you monitor these throughout the event.

There are two dedicated Poster session times on the Conference Program. There is no requirement for you to be present during these times however, if you wish to be, you can answer text-based questions in real time.

Documents to Upload

We require you to upload a minimum of the first two items. You are welcome to upload supplementary materials which may be, for example, a brochure, url link, further research data.

  • Primary Poster Document (PDF max size: 5,000kb)
    – PDF – this is your main document and can take the form of a one page traditional scientific Poster or a PowerPoint slide deck.
    If you wish to use a template to create your Poster Document, you are welcome to use the Biofabrication 2021 Presentation Template.Here below are samples of how they will look at the Online event:

    – please upload it before Monday 13 September via the online Event Platform. Please find your login email sent from to get started.

  • 2-minute video of you presenting your Poster
    – please send your recording to before Thursday 9 September via a Dropbox or Google Drive folder (or your choice of file sharing software)
    – please submit your video recording in a MP4 file format. Your video must be rendered at 720p (1280×720).
  • Supporting Document 1 (PDF)
  • Supporting Document 2 (PDF)
  • Link (URL, could be to a website or a link to a video you have recorded)

Accessing the poster session (you will be sent your login details the week commencing 6 September)

  • To access your presentation space after logging in to OnAIR, click ‘View My Presentation’ on the timeline (you can also view all the other presentations by clicking ‘View Poster Session’)
  • You can now upload any documents in the ‘Upload’ field.


Participants will be able to submit questions via text to your Discussion Board. If you are online during the dedicated Poster session times, you can answer the questions via text in real time.

Participants may leave questions at any stage during the conference or in the following days as the portal will remain open following the close of the conference. Please regularly check your Discussion Board to see if any questions have been left for you.